A couple contributions…

Here are some items sent in by reddykilowatt.org readers. Thanks!

First, a great certificate from 1949 for “Proficiency in coloring” from the Reddy Kilowatt Club. Victoria Sabbato was six years old and in kindergarten at Sierra Seville School in Fontana, California when she received this.

Second, here’s a cooking chart provided by the Ohio Edison Home Service Department, submitted by Brian G.

Thanks folks! Feel free to send in your Reddy memorabilia.

Halloween, 1969

Here’s a great photo & memory from Mr. Nathan J. Foulds of Franklin, N.J.

My Mom always hand-made theme-based costumes for my brothers and I to march in the annual Halloween parade in Packanack Lake, a close knit lake community that is part of Wayne Township, N.J. It had population then of about 45,000.

This one was Halloween 1969 and won for best original costume. I was also a horse, a Gerald Ford ‘WIN’ (Whip Inflation Now) button, the Michelin (Tire) Man, Cousin IT (The Adamm’s Family), a flagpole w/American flag (she even asked for and got permission to hand-make the American flag).

Thanks Mr. Foulds!