Who was Walter Tetley?

Walter TetleyWFMU’s Beware of the Blog has a great post on Walter Tetley, the man who voiced the Reddy video I linked a couple weeks ago.

Walter Tetley was a prolific character actor in the mediums of film, radio, and animation for many years… Walter Tetley had the voice of a pre-pubescent schoolboy. Born with a rare hormonal disease that prevented him from fully experiencing the changes that puberty normally brings, Tetley’s voice is best remembered today as the bespeckled cartoon nerd Sherman, boy companion to Mister Peabody on The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show. Many would surely be surprised to discover that the brainiac dog’s boy companion in all ninety-one segments of Peabody’s Improbable History was actually a man in his late forties.

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  1. John Y. (Jack) Steel

    My father, Edmund H. (Ned) Steel, Produced all the advertising art work, incorporating Reddy Kilowatt, for the Philadelphia Electric Co. during the period of the nineteen thirties through the nineteen fifties.

    He also appeared in a very early live television series within the same time frame, incorporating Reddy.